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Putting his Mark on the map across Brisbane and its helm, DJ Grizzly (Patrick Fraser) holds a well-accomplished unity with the party locale. Patenting a perfect clique of RnB, hip hop, trap, Dub and house music hues, the outcome on dance floors is a downright inferno, introducing a studio taint for the club masses and bearing the best in the booth. Alongside the Dj and clubbing Scene, DJ Grizzly with his spare times produces tracks from genres all across the board, with productions fit for those of the highest stamina on the party circuit, DJ Grizzly hangs those beats paramount setting the bar superior of most musical madness! You either Step up to the plate or you don’t, and DJ Grizzly is delivering for the party Beasts. Slamming the scene and keeping it real, the music comes naturally for this impeding club beast. Holding down the records that pour the enthusiasts through the doors, there isn’t an argument worth picking with the wits of Grizzly, testing the forefront of the newest music with finely tuned dance floor fans. Showcasing at Alex Hills, Hotel, Sandstone Point, The Victory and more. Spinning the supreme selection from club to club, the Grizzly ID is in its signature domain. On the beat like a beast, bringing that Friday turn-up or Saturday night electricity to its peak, the music is always at its prime with the DJ behind those pounding speakers on his best game. Annihilating the city’s elected spots, he delivers with an entourage of tunes, an established niche for all things bangin’ and a DJ’s reputation enviable from afar. DJ Grizzly knows what it is and Whats good!


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