Griffin Knutson, known as DJ GriF8, first became interested in music in middle school. At a young age, Knutson immersed himself in electronic dance music and since then has never looked back.

DJ GriF8’s first mix, “Almost Orange”, was inspired by his hometown of Laguna Beach, CA. Growing up in Orange County, Griffin took a liking to an array of genres, but Tropical House music was what he wanted to influence. Sampling the ocean waves of Laguna Beach, Knutson put together his first mix and later experimented with an array of genres.

For DJ GriF8, music is much more than just a hobby. Being able to make the crowd feel at ease with his music selections is also quite rewarding for him. DJ GriF8 enjoys making other people happy and giving them a great experience. Ultimately, with each new event, DJ GriF8 looks to inspire the crowd and help them focus on something else for a while. When people are at a nightclub, they can forget the outside world and just concentrate on having a good time.

Though he’s often times inspired by his surroundings and life events, DJ GriF8 is constantly inspired by other artists. Some of his favorite artists include Daft Punk, Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Odesza, and Skrillex. Whenever there is an opportunity, Griffin always attends shows so that he can experience and learn from some of the greatest DJs of our time.

Apart from his music career, DJ GriF8 takes time to enjoy his hometown of Laguna Beach, California with friends and family. His hometown has often times been the source of his inspiration and thus taking time to truly appreciate where he has grown up is important to him.

Moving forward in his career, DJ GriF8 hopes to continue to make a positive impact on the dance music scene. Though he’s been fortunate enough to perform at various venues throughout the area, DJ GriF8 hopes to perform in venues worldwide. A long time goal of his would be to perform in some of the most prominent EDM scenes in the world, including Ibiza. Until then, catch him at local venues in Laguna Beach!


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