23 year old Producer/DJ based in Northern California.


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With a smile, Greg Dibs first touched a piano key at the age of 3 in a small apartment in Warsaw, Poland. Greg’s musical family had a small toy keyboard, the first instrument Greg wore out with use. Learning to read music came naturally, and Greg’s early musical training solidified a deep appreciation of musicianship and music theory. Greg chose the trombone as his first band instrument, but its slide posed an immediate issue: as a short eight-year-old, Greg’s arms were not long enough to reach all the slide positions. However, his natural love for music made it easy for him to enjoy playing and learning, even with this limitation.
Greg started to teach himself how to improvise by using song patterns that were pre-programmed into his first keyboard. He learned to control chord progressions with his left hand and solo with his right with whatever instrument he wanted. The pattern buttons acted as a launchpad for his passion for beat-making.
His next few years were critical in cementing his desire to be a performer in the future. He played the piano constantly. Upon entering middle school, he joined the jazz band, which met at 7am every morning before school. Faced with a blues scale, a rhythm section and a much freer setting than concert band, Greg’s improvisational instinct (already bolstered by his experience messing around on that keyboard) took flight. Greg’s dedication to musicianship was his passion during his high school years.
During the summer before his junior year in high school, Greg started to listen to electronic music, and his first main influence was Basshunter. He started to produce on Sony Acid Pro, and soon moved to FL Studio 10. By soaking up knowledge from basic YouTube tutorials, Greg spent his free time on music production. He spent all of his money, earned from refereeing youth soccer games, on upgrading his computer and acquiring some of the basic hardware necessary to improve workflow on a digital audio workstation like FL Studio. His first alias, GDibsy, was realized after many of his lacrosse teammates called him “Dibsy” on the field. By producing his unique brand of funny, catchy, and poorly-mixed hip-hop tracks, Greg and his friends laughed while blasting his beats and works-in-progress at school and in the car.
His DJ career began in when he joined a fraternity at UC Davis. His production skills slowly improved, and his incorporation of live trombone at EDM events and the encouragement of his friends only heightened his sense of purpose. After two years of underground events and functions, his first public performances in 2016 were met with positive reception in Davis and Sacramento. His incorporation of live trombone during concerts has led to comparisons to artists like Big Gigantic and Griz. He started DJing at G Street Wunderbar in Davis in May of 2017, and has since become a regularly-booked act, performing 17 times in his first 10 months of bookings there.
Got Dibs has worked with companies like National Entity, Niteshade Nights, UniqState Productions, and many others, and has opened for artists such as JayKode, Gent & Jawns, Squnto, Arius, and Xaebor. He has bookings in April, May, and June of 2018, including a performance at SOS – Sounds of Summer Music Fest on June 23. He is currently working on a 5-track EP and is pumping out remixes and singles in the meantime. His first single, a Bass/Big Room House Hybrid with trombone samples, was released in February 2017 on all digital music platforms, his first official release. He looks to build momentum as he prepares his EP and new record label/collective.


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23 year old Producer/DJ based in Northern California.