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2Pac - Outlaw U Can Be Touched remix dj clmx
new music 2pac remix 2018/2019
remix; dj clmx
Artist: Tupac Shakur ft Outlaw
Album: one god
Released: 2019
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
2pac u can be touched lyrics
Life, what the fuck is life for niggas like us?
Been waking up to another muthafuckin' day
I'm the type of soldier,
A nigga that seen
Everything in my muthafuckin' eyes
I seen my parents get killed
To my muthafuckin' eyes
I seen my brother kill his-self in my eyes
I seen Pac, yak, die in the struggle in my eyes
So I know anybody can be touched
You know what I mean?
Oh God forgive me
Somebody please say a prayer for me
Needed my parents
But they was never there for me
Believe in everything they feed me
I'm seeing demons
I wake up screaming
Who believe me or was I dreaming?
Five fingers on the .45 chrome
Dead aim at my brain, infrared with no lights on
I ain't afraid to die, I want to see what's after this
I'm living blind writing rhymes
Til they....

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