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I am still a beginner but enjoy to DJ for a while now. I stumbled one day over Vina House, a refreshing new House Remix Style from Vietnam. I loved it right from the first seconds. I used this contest to do finally my own first Vina House remix. It isn't perfect, I am not a pro but I had much fun to do it :)

I used REAPER / MASCHINE 2 to remix this song and to create my Vina House style drums. All used samples or instruments are owned by me and I have proper licenses for it.

Maybe some will enjoy!

Kisses Chloe

Posted 2 years ago
Owned by Bonnie McKee


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Isak Dahling 2 years ago

Nice remix, i like this! You have my like and support for this one :) I made a remix of Make Me Yours, check it out if you got time!

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MISJAX 2 years ago

Can you give a support by listening , Thanks for listening ... And don't forget to keep a like if you enjoyed that ... https://skiomusic.com/misjax/bonnie-mckee-mad-mad-world-misjax-remix


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