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Dj Adonay aka Hun-Hunapú Project

Being a teenager he begins to learn how to play some musical instruments such as: base, piano and guitar.
He assisted to his first rave party, at the age of 16 to The Galactic Conscious in 1999 at the legendary Ajusco Forest in Mexico City. David becomes a great appreciator of the trance music involved by the movement.

At that moment he felt the inspiration of Hallucinogen and Cosmosis transmited him with their music. During the next five years he practiced with the turntables, Playing the music he imported from Isra-Trance Influences and the European Style, Artisrts Like: Astral Projection Asia 2001, Space Tribe , Hallucinogen , Cosmosis 1200 Mics, Astrix , Electric Universe , Skazi , Exaile , Parasense Cosma, Kox Box , Raja Ram , Dj Tshuyoshi , Prana , Zoo-B Total Eclipse , Sesto Sento , Psysex , The Musses Rapt Alien Project , Deedrah, Atmos, Antaro, Jorg Kessler, James Monro, Logic Bomb, Hux Flux, Shiva Chandra , Man Made Man , The Infinity Project, Goa Gil , Shpongle Zorba ,Medicine Drum , Fungus Funk , Sinister Funk , Tripiatrik , Paps , Yumade , Snug as a bug , Etnica, 
Some years later as technology grows up the turntables change into CDJ players. David had inroad,

With national & International Dj´s and Producers Such as: Capital Monkey , Major 7, Matan Kadosh aka Sesto Sento aka Gataka, Alfonso aka Brain Hunters, Christian aka Dr Hoffman , In Lak Ech , Speedball , Hyperactive , Akros , T - Virus , Saga Conspiracy , Han Solo , Jay & Ex , D.S.P , The Pyratunes ,Slt Interference , Cosmonautica , Blue Drop , Vortex , Subliminal Insane aka Isai Alvarado , Skandar , Dark Tlatoani , Lophophora Project , Xaldev , Haram , Future Plays Sounds, Space shok , Window Space Jesús Raygadas, Logic Nature , Ayaxhuasca ,Double Dee, Mad Nois3 , Futura , DC Rodriguez, Haram ,Overload, Dosson, Psycido, Nexy , Candy , Dayozer, Lida Marquez, And many others.

HAVE A NICE TRIP! - Namastê -
Note: I just produce a few tracks, from time to time, and 2 mix them. All rights to the respective producers. tracklists available on demand.
Powerful Psychedelic Tunes ॐ The Dope to ur brain. Namastê!


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Stay In Trance & Come In Peace As I Do  A Journey u´ll never forget  Namasté

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