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canterbury, United Kingdom

Tone Artistry Record Label + Red Alfa Records

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dnb producer, 3 tracks produced and all 3 signed.............. DJ on radio with a 2 hour House slot. I have a gorgeous 16month daughter.

love producing DnB but so much better at mixing house.

My first real remix of a track and its signed within a short time. 
I have a dnb track i produced on a dnb underground album.


Mixing, Remixing


Showcase tracks

my dnb remix of becki yates track ''you make me go (lala)''

my dnb produced track, signed to redalfarecords and released on 4.8.16 and also on the dnb underground album released on 6.7.16

Dj_Mikey_E - going out out. my first dnb produced track. released on 28.3.16