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when im at 100 followers im gonna scream
Are you bored? Don't worry, I'm bored too.
I guess I'm just a 15 y/o kid/producer/DJ/artist who loves electronic music, especially all kinds of Drum & Bass, ESPECIALLY Melodic Liquid DnB, which I am now heavily influenced on. I also like and am influenced by Chiptune, Trance, Techno, House, Electronic Rock, other kinds of DnB, and everything in between. I've been making arranged noise for 2 years now. I want to share my feelings and emotions with you through music.

Current projects:
Elemage OST w/ ElectricPuppy (DnB)
ElectricPuppy - Nostalgia Blind (Remix) (DnB)

Official releases (distributed on Spotify and stuff):
Diversa - Universis (Saidez remix) (DnB)
"Hi" (album) (House/Techno/Trap/DnB)

Although my music isn't the most unique or professional, I like to say that I have a unique personality. But that's a cocky overstatement to the fact that I just can't fit in on this world we know and live in. My alternative is to try to stand out of the crowd with unique achievements in doing the things I love. So here I am, trying. Also, I have no idea what I'm doing exactly, I don't have many technical skills in music. I'm curious, and I try to wrap my mind around things and concepts and ideas, but some things are just so complex and wonderful and stunning that it makes no sense to look at them with logic and reason, and so I give in to my inner emotions and fly to other worlds and let my mind blur into a trance.
I don't wanna grow up, not yet! I'm like those Lost Boys from Neverland...I wanna be a kid...
Wait, what the heck am I doing? I'm venting again...
Also I may or may not be a semi-furry...and somewhat into age-playing as you can tell, since I like acting childish...
ANYWAYS you can contact me at atomiccookie5102[at]gmail.com or by sending me a message.
A Spotify playlist I made: https://open.spotify.com/user/atomiccookie13/playlist/1QyRWQQobn4VuisQ8mrI7X?si=qxcPeJ3ZRL-15wD6aj9F2g
(hablo español)
Where I post my unreleased/unfinished stuff: https://wave.ac/saidez/
DJ mixes: https://www.mixcloud.com/DJ_Saidez/
Artist I am hooked on, idk why: https://www.deviantart.com/jaredsteeletype


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My first semi-official remix, it started out with an accident after messing with the audio file (it was really a bootleg), and it all snowballed to this. It's sorta minimalistic/bouncy Drum and Bass, even though there's not much bass in it.

Remix I made for a friend, it's a bit of a hybrid and a compromise between DnB and Trance. A few people said that when they put this on repeat it enveloped them in a trance. Check out the original: https://soundcloud.com/electricpuppy_or_k-9/rainfall

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