Dancefloor Drum & Bass (DnB) and/or Trance, with recent influence from chiptune, J-Pop, and melodic dubstep
I'm not active at all here, check me out on SoundCloud/Newgrounds for full mixes and YouTube for some of them
If you're interested in remixing one of my works, or me remixing one of yours, email me using the link on my SoundCloud account. Don't contact me through here, I will not see it.

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Remix I made for a friend, it's a bit of a hybrid and a compromise between DnB and Trance. A few people said that when they put this on repeat it enveloped them in a trance. Check out the original: https://soundcloud.com/electricpuppy_or_k-9/rainfall

I was excited when 4lung/Dalmatrix let me remix Woodrose Windows, it’s my favorite song off Hypoborea, and one of my new all-time favorites. Tried to make it sound like something you could find on Liquicity or Hospital Records.

Just some touch-ups and effects to this DnB track. Sped it up, added better drums, tried complementing the bass, and changed up the rhythm for the second drop

This is more on the harder side, my DnB take on a dubstep track by a legendary producer.

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