Hello, we are LarZ and Fr3b, two young producers from Germany.
We always wanted to create own songs and make the music we dream of. So thats why we came up together as Lafrex.
Fr3b is totally into melodies and tons of crazy ideas while LarZ is more into technically things and sounddesign, so basically we match up perfectly.
We create everything that is electronic, whatever comes in our mind.
We are Lafrex!


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We made this track a few months ago and feel like it got a really got melody and a nice vibe. It's a kind of Hybrid Trap

A massive EDM Tune produced by LarZ with the beautiful voice of Farisha. Hope y´all enjoy it, it took me over 40 hours to finish it and I am very proud of it! :D

Hope you enjoy our latest Track we made together with JustinTime. Antoher Collab with him is coming soon!

We love this melody, hopefully you too! :P

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