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I just take the acapella (in stereo wtf?) and add one of my instrumental ..
westcoast shit from paris ,france ...
big up for all listeners , i don't think win cause its too different than the original but whatever ... peace yall

Posted 1 year ago
Owned by Big Beat Records


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Spenz 1 year ago

Nicee! liked! if you want you can check my remix too. Good luck!

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Grey Salmon 1 year ago

Really good remix, keep up the good stuff. If you have time, please leave some feedback on our remix so we can improve.Cheers! https://skiomusic.com/aive/clean-bandit-mama-feat-ellie-goulding-aive-remix

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Harpreet 1 year ago

Nice remix. good job. If u got some time please check out mines track too & don't forget to hit the like button. https://skiomusic.com/r/CWSx

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Dix-g Roswell 1 year ago

thanks homie , i will check up your sound bro ,peace

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