This is a X years old as at 2019 aug 18 86, started school in village area at Sir Lankan islands followed by Indian ocean after uncertain deviance of Oceania Subcontinent. again and again he under go sounds in his child hood with the bangs of 80's. He still does like the flow of the compliment of the extra-pararal works with it. in his ears. So his ears after Years made it sound normal as usual as it originally made. Vocoder was not exactly worked rather than synthases. Gradual work with its school age he started with his individual thoughts of being an independent publishing. at 2005 after he finish his school. he started being sober and mary J. so his attendant was not to extract cash but enjoy life. so individual task and his capabilities in other every spectrum was hidden. but unless one thing if he hears the music out of his ears he only could understand the most valuable thing ever hear. which is anghelic. he loves music all together because of one thing he must do this to get the thing go on. unless his mind would stop he would be crapper than this at now. (BIG G) anyway he earned his first cash for working as co-worker for a famous known Slaker the Best DJ (Cognac Consumer) + (Jane) + (Magical Personalities) + every thing at his imaginary god and good is his own Cousin Slaker. So then tey enjoied time after a and after after long with all the spirits + winning and all fabulous means. He still Co-Worked Big Smokani Pyromaniac, Future teller Fill T, Notorious Biggie (Local), under Slaker label. Just water and stoping for cookies...
that was the end at 2009. Then the Big Bang He Stared being Self Motivated, Self Synergied, and he went to australia for his studies. Then he met hes friend Lady Rapper Jay Jay (Not Normal) actually seeing a paranormal activity of his own life. Loved it. and Shout out. still music was his life, He was transfered from local hip hop to American Hip Hop. West Snoop. South TI. Mid West Technine. Cali Dre. was all his knowledge was musch more enough was given by slaker to him. THX Slaker. I cant give anything for that more than Respect. But small issue. Idont like the prople handling you is my first SP 1 Track.


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