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If you make babies to this, invite me to the birthdays. I also have music and manga I'm creating. Make the digital become real. Be a part of the story here http://bit.ly/digipat

Inspired by characters from #DigitalRealistStoryMode. You too can be a part of the story! Music, manga, web and live performances as well as becoming a character in the comic.

I really enjoyed making this! You can download the song free if you like here: http://hyperurl.co/breatheitoutremix Carly Clark Twitter/Instagram: @CarlyClarkMusic The Digital Realist Twitter/Instagram/Soundcloud/Facebook: @digitalrealist Background art: Camille Kuo https://camilkuo.deviantart.c

Classic 80's pop song re-imagined. I let my imagination go wild on this one. Also, be a part of the story. Free download here www.patreon.com/posts/holding-back-7043985

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