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Find serenity and add texture to your compositions with the classic sound of the Pacific Northwest!

Sound recordings from around the region include temperate rain forests, inland streams and mountain-scapes, city parks, and local wilderness. Recorded in 2 channel stere with condenser microphones, giving you total control of the soundscape. Separated into Left and Right cardioid signals, unbalanced for true stereo imaging.

SoN vol. 2 is filled with bird calls, running water, humans in the wild, and ambient environments, with all files in 24bit/48Khz and ready to use for foley, ambience, or sfx.

Sounds Of Nature Vol. 2 - Pacific Northwest made by Ghost Etiquette

Posted 10 months ago
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Samples (133)

Textures 56 Birds 46 Forest Animals 46 Running Waters 36 Atmospheres 22 Human Activity in Wilderness 20 Nature in the City 18 Natural Ambiences 13 Fire 4

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