About this Sample Pack

If you’re trying to get truly wild with your music production, we’ve got an immersive pack that’s sure to give your tracks a natural and fulfilling sound you’re looking for. Recorded from the Amazonia region of southern Colombia, immerse yourself in an omnidirectional rainforest, as these custom yet authentic 100 sounds were captured on location in the region's rich atmosphere of fauna, both wild and domestic.

Using condenser microphones, the samples were recorded in 3 channels, separated into Left and Right cardioid signal, and an Omni large diaphragm signal, giving you total control of the soundscape. It’s brilliantly filled with wild bird calls, playful monkey chatter, insect buzzes, and natural ambiences from morning to night to enhance your soundscapes and atmospheres!

Download these primal sounds in 24bit/48Khz, as they’re all royalty free, and ready to use for foley, ambience, sfx, and more!

We can’t wait to hear you get wild with these samples!

Sounds Of Nature Vol. 1 - Colombian Jungle made by Ghost Etiquette

Posted 12 months ago
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Samples (102)

Atmospheres 102 Jungle 63 Animal Sounds 63 Textures 51 Natural Ambiences 51 Farm 36 Nature 30 Monkeys 18 Insects 15 Birds 15 Frogs 15 Water 15 Stream 15 Cicada 6 Horses 6 Rain 6 Fly 3 People 3 Footsteps 3

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