About this Sample Pack

This pack is for creators looking for that crispy yet organic sound. With 200 amazing LIVE DRUM recordings set from 70bpm - 120bpm, this pack is truly versatile and crafted for artists that care about their production process. Recorded with love by Catalin Ivascu & Levi Borz, this pack is all organic and captures the textures and emotions from wood floors, walls, and other foley materials.

The pack was recorded with a vintage Ludwig kit in an old warm house in Vienna, and includes three different types of mixed beats and samples: dry, roomy and processed with FX.

With the dry version of the beats you can get a very close and tight sound, while the “roomy” captures all the subtle textures and atmospheres recorded from the environment. On top of this, the 3D FX versions are just crazy stuff that was stumbled across while experimenting with some delays and distortion, but are perfect for inspiring your next composition.

All the sounds in this pack are royalty free, and also comes with ready to use loops that fit any style from funk, jazz, rock, electro, dance, and even trap!

3D Beats & Live Drum Loops made with love by L&C

Posted 2 years ago
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Samples (199)

Drums 199 Full Drums 150 Grooves 49 Cymbals 42 Processed 39 Percussion 29 Hi Hats 26 Drum Tops 25 Snares 25 Toms 22 Rides 16 Cinematic 15 Straight 14 Jazz Drums 12 Flams 10 Half Time 10 Linear 9 Brushes 6 Cowbells 6 Open Hats 4 Sticks 3 Breaks 3 Tambourine 3 Bridge 2

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