About this Sample Pack

Take your production to the next level with over 100+ high quality samples from Dark Keys Volume 1! Filled with a variety of rich piano loop recordings, this pack is sure to become a go-to in your sound library.

Dark Keys vol. 1 is a pack that’s geared towards trap oriented hip hop beats, however you can use them in any genre however you like, as their all royalty free! Intended to speed up your workflow, there’s 9 different BPM variations for you play around and get creative with!


Posted 10 months ago
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Samples (103)

Piano 103 132BPM 20 140BPM 12 101BPM 11 100BPM 10 118BPM 10 120BPM 10 130BPM 10 135BPM 10 96 BPM 10

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