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Born in the Capital City of Namibia, Windoek on the 5th of September 1986. Devon Williams started his DJ'ng career at the very young age of 14 at a family owned club formally known as "Namibia By Nite" or the well renown name; Club Remix. As years progressed his skill for reading a crowed matured exceptionally. At the tender age of 17 he was doing full on 5 hour gigs where he use to play the local matinee every Saturday afternoon. His name grew amongst the local youth and had his own following by the time he reached 18.

Amongst DJ'ing.. Devon had a strong creative urge to produce his own music. At the age of 16, he stumbled upon a production program on a friends computer and that was when the the production juices started flowing. Things took of slow as he had no coaching nor guidelines on where to start and how the application works, but as months went by, he got into the swing of things.

On May 5th 2005 he moved to Cape Town where the music scene was quiet different to what he was use to. Adapting to the new genres and sound, he fell in love with Deephouse and ever since has been producing sweet sensual deep sounds. He is now well established in Cape Town and after living in the Mother City of South Africa for over 8 years, the sound that he now creates has matured to a level where major record companies are starting to show interest in his work.

Still working from home with with only a few bits and pieces of hardware, this young talent is soon to rise to the top with other well established artist in the South African and internationally.


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