Whats up, whats up? To begin with, my name is De-VaJe Mathis. I am an R&B singer born and raised in Aiken, South Carolina. Musically, my different tone of voice and my looks make me stand out. I have a rare sound and just by my appearance you can guess, I stand out from a crowd. Ive been musically active for 7 years, which started with my sister Shanese and, deceased cousin Young Chuck whom encouraged me to sing beginning at the age of 16. Great artists such as Young Chuck and, my sister Shanese inspired me to pursue music. I am currently promoting my new hit singles and new 2016 album In The Mirror, Heart And Soul, Im Smoking On That Jenna,and Devaje Mathis Entertainment Group (Special Edition). Make sure you go PURCHASE it on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Spotify, CD Baby, Rhapsody and many others. Also, go check out and PURCHASE a song Im featured on Personal Stripper by Skooby Dukes ft. De-VaJe. My goal with my music is to make hits that excite and hype my fans when they hear it. I want them to enjoy it and for it to relax them while its playing. Music is many things to me... A hobby because I enjoy what I do.... A career because I want to expand my work and incorporate and work with other major artists. It is also my way of life because I wake up daily with my mind focused on music and ready to write a new hit; when Im writing music it relieves my stress. I hope to inspire many such as; children, adults, and elderly people. I want to be able to present my way of music to all ages. Im working towards spreading my music globally. You can find more information about me on www.DevajeMathisEntertainmentGroup.net


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De-Va'Je and Shanese Collaborates.

De-Va'Je releases his first single in 2014 on the 25th of Dec. "In The Mirror by De-Va'Je was Released again on (special Edition) Album Devaje Mathis Entertainment Group.  De-Va'Je dedicated the album to his hard working publishing company.

De-Va'Je was known for his good looks and long hair. Once De-Va'Je cut his hair fans went haywire. De-Va'Je still pulls it off with his voice and model look.

De-Va'Je and Shanese Thomas collaborates again

De-Va'Je releases new 2016 single "Heart and Soul"

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