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This is my version of Whatever we are - Limbo. As you can hear i make those guitar like plucky intro, layered in chop with lots of decay. A lil bit apply of compression into vocals. A piano with seperated highs in low layer and made those pianos sounds like organ applying 1/8 bit gate sound. Basic build ups
I remove the guitar in build ups. And i made some drum fills using those drums stem. I make the hi hats sound like snare tight and the kick make it a toms feels and applying some post process. And the drops i made those sub bass as a main synth with lots of compression also. With three layer suck as high mid and mid low freq. LOL. Make some vocal chops.. And the final i made some sound design the guitar drop. Make some post process and do some modulation make growl feels not kind of heavy but fits to those track. Enjoy to this remix

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