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When you think of Beat maker from san diego, one would most automatically identify with Delano Sounds. A
resident of beat making since early 2001. With such influences as Timbaland and Pharell, your sure to hear
something cleaver at the outcome of any production. He grew up in the 80s and attributes a lot of his samples and
references to just that. He definelty gets into a zone when its time to make a masterpiece. He states.. " I just like
hearing people over my beats.. the money will come eventually.. but hearing them over my beats makes me feel
like I'm doing something Im supposed to be doing." He started off using a MPC 2000XL and Korg keyboard and
lots of video game and techno samples, trying to turn it into something unique and different. Because to Delano
Sounds, "Same is Lame, and you gotta step out the box". He uses Reason for making beats and on the keys is
his best friend "M­AUDIO" the keyboard of his choice. He has been apart of WDWC along side partner Plain
JANE for about 10 years now and it has turned it into more of a platform rather then a music label. His first and
most recent project is "BLAMEDELANO" which hails a whopping 32 Artists over all Delano Sounds production. It
definitely made a mark for itself and has been a great stepping stool for working with new artists that he normally
wouldn't have the opportunity to work with. He has worked with some of North County and South San Diego
Heavyweights and hopes to branch out of San Diego and soon California to let his sound be heard. yes a veteran
to the city of San Diego and the beat game.. but always fresh and new to the ears and streets. Stay tuned for a lot
more from this beat making Di vinci. The doors are cracked and he is ready to get that foot into the door


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I'm a SD producer