Everton Ramos de Oliveira ,with artistic name DEENS RAMOS besides being only child coming from umilde family in Brazil, also DJ producer who had his his own interest in electronic music at 14 years of age who already heard on the radio, still has not reached its time although in that epoch wanted to be part of aeronautics.

As already dug parties since teenage years ,also liked arts realistic drawings but it was not exactly what he had still ,always wanted curiosities to know where it came from this musical art then ,started the research and know how and where did. Once you have discovered a great deal about the electronic music starting then that would become DJ so as robie a basic dj even believed that it was not cases of becoming a producer until even be seen and praised by up to other countries. Until one day he met a colleague who le invited him at parties and thus got to know other djs who gave tips production software and other methods of creation that is at your fingertips, starting it went on to research know watching videos and over getting surprised with what could faser and create and also went to look for public bodies that creature music courses and was aperfeisoando increasingly appearing more hope and artistically appointed as DEENS RAMOS.


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