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I really loved Charlotte song & vibe, from the moment I heard it I was captivated and wanted to create a version of my own, while complementing Charlotte's great song and production.
It was really fun working on this track, I felt like I wanted to give this remix a twist, and gave it a new major based set of chords and got some tropical sounds, combined with a strong rhythm inspired by mombahtoon and a powerful electronic dance chorus.
Charlotte Cardin song California is so emotionally strong, I hoped to bring a new high energy in to her song

Posted 2 years ago
Owned by Atlantic Records


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James Desmond 2 years ago

what an AWESOME REMIX!! It will be perfect if you sidechain that kick more !, also check my remix "Hurt Somebody" and like back my remix, Thanks :)

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Artisticmistake 2 years ago

Nice remix! please check and like my remix out too and please do leave a comment and show some love. thank you and good luck!

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Arcfour 2 years ago

Love the groove!


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