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The beauty in combining diverse thematic styles and giving birth to a unique variation orchestrated through the utmost dedication of musicians is the most fruitful thing in the entire musical cosmos. Well acquainted with the power of versatile music, Australian rapper and songwriter Dcrae joined forces with Nigerian Superstar Daryl to produce a blockbuster music video ‘Gurly’, which is opulent with wide-ranging rhythmic resonance. The artists from different part of the world, with different backgrounds, cultures, and genres collide producing a one of a kind rhythmic cadence that has never been done or heard before. The song features a sentimental tune incorporated with a contemporary groove that is bound to vibe with the audience from the beginning to the end.
Driven by their shared passion and love for the craft, the equally talented duo complement each other interlaces with their different resonating style.

Posted 5 months ago
Owned by Dcrae



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