I wouldn't call myself ''producer''. But I've been remixing for 12 years. I remixed 2 tracks for Olivia Newton-John, which were released on her EP 'Hotel Sessions' (2014). Also that year I co-won the Levi Kreis ''Love Revolution'' contest and got my remix released on his EP. I was also a finalist on the Blush ''Miss out'' contest and made it #4 on the Michael Jackson's ''Rock With U'' contest (2005) and finalist on the SEAL's ''Life on the Dancefloor'' contest (2015), chosen by SEAL himself. Also the swedish band Da Buzz chose my remix ''Something about U'' to promote their Bilboard 100. And finally last year, 2016, I won the 'Waiting 4' (Philip Mikal) contest, and this year, I won the Ro-Mina's ''Different Dimension'' Contest.


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