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David Nelkin

Dixon, United States

Universal Records

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I am a World Class Producer for Universal Records!

David Nelkin is one of the most youngest talented nominated producers, and a Yamaha Artist, as well as a Pianist, (Keyboardist) from a small town Dixon, California. A former Logic X Producer and Arranger, Sound Designer and Engineer.He has achieved so much at a age you won't believe it, he is also part of the Universal Music Group (UMG) one of his hottest singles yet "I Am Strong". And David's 1st record "DN Black Edition" got a good aim in Jazz, R&B, and pop. A criteria of an outstanding combination of futuristic sounds and inspirational ideas. Future artists David hoping to be working with such as Dirty Loops, Valeriy Stepanov, and the famous Brian Culbertson. 
David Nelkin began his music journey at the age of 3 on piano as his primary instrument today. At David's Young age he attended music lessons for 6 years, gone to several recital performances and got into competitions against one of the most advanced pianists in the world, and a fast braking note reader like no other. At 4 he got his first real Yamaha Keyboard. Aside from the digital world of music he also had to learn the hard way. He studied music theory for 4 years in so many different ways. Attended to music school when he turned 9 he got his first computer with (Cubase) he got into producing at such a little age. And throughout his single hit coming to Platinum leads to David's creative, inspirational and endless ideas.
David's Quote - "If you have a goal and desire is no limit to perfection"


Mastering, Mixing, Piano, Producing, Recording

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