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Me: "Dude I just found out there's this remix contest ending in 7 days."
Ray: "Oh shit...well what are you gonna do with the other 5?"
Me: -.-

(2 days later). Well what do you know. Thank you to all of my friends for your continued support, and again for taking listens to my rough drafts. I really wanted to vibe with writing this one, and given how stressful it's been with school lately, music has been the thing I turn to when the going gets tough. I wrote this on a rainy afternoon - guitar in hand and ass on couch :3 - and this time, no huge drops. Just good vibes and the feeling that everything's gonna be okay 😌.

Posted 9 months ago
Owned by The Chainsmokers


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Spenz 8 months ago

Nice! you have my like! I also participate. Good luck buddy!


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