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Dartmouth ,NS, Canada


Darkangel has no description.

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I see beauty in dark places

A Trance/House and Hip Hop and Electronic style music producer, I grew up in music,,,i love all forms of music,,but mostly i love anything electronic i started back in 2008,,,,,ive had a chance to work with a lot of great artist on and i enjoy making any electronic music style,,, if you can feel it, it means its good :)


Composing, Producing

Showcase tracks

Artist & Song:Darkangel - Holdin On (Progressive House) from my up coming album "Still Waiting" Video : "Tadzhik" - by Oriel Berkovits

Artist & Song: Darkangel - Dreams (Progressive house) from my last released album

Artist & Song: Darkangel -The blacksmith song from my electronic trap album A short film "the blacksmith" song inspired by the film