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DANSKY is a European young DJ active since 2005. DANSKY has a European & American music influences from NL,UK,IBIZA,DETROIT,PITTSBURGH & More

Dj DANSK or simply DANSKy (Danny from Slovakia - Europe). I’m an international Dj, I’ve been musically active since 2005. Growing up in a family with specific entertainment background, with mom being world class folk dancer, father becoming one of the leaders in sound, and light system production industry in Slovakia, I was exposed to wide range of musical influence, and genres where it all started. 

My music experiences begun playing all different styles ranging from oldies like a 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s music, all the way up to modern mainstream and club music. My beginnings started simply from scratch playing at private events with using only my laptop with Speakers, I got from my father, previously used for setting up his audio events. Thanks to him, I got my kick start. With more, and more gigs, I’ve developed ability to work with audience. Furthermore, I got opportunities to play at public events and venues. Playing mainstream music, such as radio hit’s top 10, hip-hop, Latin up to Slovakian pop scene I’ve progressed to current modern music. 

Nowadays, while I exposing my self to wider range of Electronic music, and House music, I realized, this is the scene I want to progress in. It would take a lot of time to named all of those clubs I’ve played since 2005. But, one that deserves to be written about is Carat Club in Bratislava “” where, I became full-time a resident Dj & lightning technician for 2 years from January 2013 until early January 2015. Those experiences weren’t only about Dj it self as I thought, but also, about lightning shows which were I was working with the lightning boards like an Avolites lightning console Tiger Touch 2, Titan Mobile, and Compullite Vector Blue Lightning Console. With all that going on I still felt strong pull to expand and grow on a lager scale from the experience I previously had while visiting and playing in USA in 2012. 
I’ve made that decision finish my long-term Job at Carat Club, and I left for USA. Currently based in U.S. I’m getting more and more opportunities to play, and getting deeper into Electronic, and House music scene.



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