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About this Song

My line of reasoning was:

1-find a sonority that would let Jacob "Killa" Miller and the Lewis brothers proud

2-keep some original stuff for still sounding as Inner Circle

3-my version sounds very organic because got kete drums and hand claps but actually they are samples and loops

4-sounds very vivacious and positive,thats all about the drum beat and the hand claps in a strategic time, together with the rhythm keyboards

5- I changed the drums,percussion,effects,dubs, include a legendary Inner circle audio interview at the begin and create some intentional pauses

6-in one of these pauses I try emphasize Chronixx voice with the silence creating a feel of more than one person clapping,then the intruments back one by one, to the listener hear all the band members

Posted 5 years ago
Owned by Inner Circle



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