Originally from México City with 5 years as a DJ and 5 years as a producer Daniel has scored 10 years in his musical career, His name is worldwide recognized in the House scene because has achieved to place his productions in the top of the world’s most important exponents of house music. 
His DJ journey has take him to study and experience something beyond from just play his favorite tracks from another DJs He created his own music for becoming a complete artist. In 2007 in Mexico is played one of his HITS “YO SOY” which is a track with Evelin Piotrowska’s lyrics an Israeli singer, this single was signed by SUPER NOVA Records and played in the continuous scheduling of the México’s most famous electronic music radio station BEAT 100.9 which transmits music shows from international DJ’s like Armin Van Buuren, Carl Cox, Roger Sanchez, Oscar Velazquez and so many other important dj’s, with all of his hard work in the house scene he achieves to sign in seven different labels in different countries like Spain, Brazil, USA, RO, Israel, Canada, Egypt, Chile and Colombia. Also Daniel is called to different radio stations for present all of his recent work month by month, it’s important to say that he has shared the stage with so many International DJ’s like Luis Erre (Venezuela), Will Beats (Brazil), Gustavo Scorpio (Brazil), William Umana (USA), Love Groove (Brazil), Jose Spinnin (Méx), Edgar y Oscar Velazquez (Méx), Karim Cato (Méx), Joy Márquez (Méx), Milton Mora (Méx), Kermit (Méx), Erich Ensastigue (Méx), Adrián Dalera (Méx) and some many others, he also has been playing in the best nightclub in the country like Rodas G Life (Guanajuato), Liverpool 10 (DF), Pabaro Club, Karlota Shock, After Club (Manzanillo), Parking Club (Monterrey), Circus (Guadalajara.), Black Cherry (Guadalajara.), Heaven (Queretaro.), Shurakk (Acapulco), The Kolors (Edo. Méx), Ble (DF), G-Life (Juárez), La Boom (Méx), Danzoo (Méx), Bahia (Iguala.), Play Condesa (Méx DF), he has been part of the line up of the After Hours parties like Rollin’ and Rush Hours in México city. In 2008 autumn he’s requested for work with nominated Billbord Pop Singer Nathan Seth for remix his single “HOT HEAT SEXY. We can write an extense resume for Daniel with all the things that he has contributed to the electronic music scene in México, but we can reduce all his work in two words on the dancefloor “PURE ENERGY”


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