About this Sample Pack

If you’re looking to make some fresh and bouncy house music, look no further than Volume 2 of this epic pack series by Paralax.

Lose yourself in 150 bespoke sounds of hypnotic melodic house, the jewel in the crown to add the basis and backbone to any banging House production.

Follow in the footsteps of some of the most iconic artists on the house scene. This pack was Inspired by the likes of Gorgon City, Calippo, Disclosure, Tru Concept, Nu Aspect, JLV, Jay Pryor, Rudimental, Jax Jones and EDX. This pack is the perfect addition to your studio armour and is destined to attract everyone to the dancefloor like moths to a flame.

Guaranteed to seduce your senses, this mesmerising collection contains a variety of infectious melodies of various sounds, various chord progressions, hedonistic one shot drum sounds, drum loops and transition white noise sweeps. All you need to get started on making the next club banger!

Melodic House Vol. 2 made by Paralax

Posted 8 months ago
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Samples (152)

Drums 79 Melodies 51 Hi-hats 19 Chords 18 Kicks 17 Snares 16 Synths 15 Bass 14 Basslines 14 Open Hats 12 FX 11 Drum Tops 10 Piano 9 Claps 8 Sweeps and Risers 8 Mallets 8 Closed Hats 7 Leads 7 Strings 7 E-Piano 6 Brass 4 Plucks 4 Percussion 4 Fills 4 Cymbals 3 Crashes 3 Pads 3 Guitars 2

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