About this Sample Pack

Norwegian powerhouse producer, JOWST, has killed it again with another versatile sample pack. Designed to give the everyday modern producer the essentials to produce in any style or genre, Building Blocks Vol. 4 is a must have pack for those looking to expand their sample arsenal with inspiring, well crafted sounds.

With 400+ custom made samples, this pack has everything you’re looking for... an array of hard hitting drums, perfect for creating a variety of grooves and drum kits, and an impressive assortment of basses and instruments to give your projects depth. Paired with the packs orchestral elements, BB Vol. 4 gives you more than enough to create and produce outside of the box.

If all that isn’t enough for you, we threw in a bunch of uplifting arps, cheerful bells, airy flutes, full-sounding synths, and atmospheric pads, melodic guitar samples and chopped up vocal shots for you to experiment and mess with!

All of these royalty free samples come in various one shots and loops to help you speed up your workflow and give you endless possibilities to get creative. We don’t use this word a lot, but building Blocks Vol. 4 is one of our most ESSENTIAL packs yet, and is a must have for those who love having unique samples to work with!

Enjoy :)

Posted 9 months ago
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Samples (465)

Drums 177 Synths 112 Snares 49 Plucks 40 Reverse Snares 40 FX 39 Bass 38 Keyboards 36 Chords 34 Kicks 34 Basslines 31 Percussion 27 Sweeps and Risers 22 Bells 21 Snaps 17 Leads 16 Piano 14 Claps 9 Reverse Kicks 9 Sub Drops 9 Arpeggios 7 Flutes 6 Sticks 6 Guitar 5 Pads 5 Reverses 5 Horns 5 Stabs 5 Breath 4 Human Sounds 4 Rim Shots 4 Drum Fills 3 Cymbals 2 Hi Hats 2

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