About this Sample Pack

This is the perfect sample pack for the modern producer who blends genres and wants to speed up writing sessions with the building blocks.

Brilliantly created by up and coming Norwegian music producer and songwriter, JOWST, the pack is MASSIVE, giving you enough one shots and loops to make a new banger everyday! Containing a whopping 400+ One shots and Loops, the pack is truly versatile, as every sound is royalty free, preprocessed, and ready to use in virtually ALL genres!

Building Blocks Vol. 1 is filled with rich sound recordings such as hard hitting drums, some of the best snares you will ever hear, addictive vocal chops, heart warming chords, uplifting melodies, and powerful leads. The pack cater’s to any musician as there’s also an array of instruments like flutes, pianos, basses, guitars, bells, saw synths, thick bass and more!

On top of all the samples and one shots, there’s a bunch of pre recorded loops to help you speed up your workflow and get your ideas down quickly!

Did we mention all samples are recorded in 24Bits/48Khz, ready to use, effect, and enjoy?

Building Blocks Vol. 1 made by JOWST

Posted 8 months ago
Profile Picture Owned by Dance Cannon


Samples (417)

Drums 184 Synths 78 Snares 56 Reverse Snares 51 Bass 39 Plucks 34 Piano 32 Kicks 31 Basslines 30 FX 25 Vocals 25 Leads 22 Chords 20 Keyboards 19 Percussion 18 Sweeps and Risers 17 JOWST Synth 15 Melodies 14 Vocal Chops 13 Snaps 11 Bells 10 Claps 8 Builds 7 Pads 7 Horns 6 Guitars 6 Human Sounds 6 Reverses 5 Arpeggios 5 Flutes 5 Full Drums 4 Reverse Kicks 4 Klonks 3 Toms 3 Cymbals 2 Hi Hats 2 Sub Bass 2 Clicks 2 Rim Shots 2 Drum Fills 1

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