About this Sample Pack

Want to level up your “Future” productions?

Then check out these rich samples recorded straight from iconic analog synths like as the Roland Juno 106, Roland JP 8080, Dave Smith Mopho, Novation Ultranova and more.

With 150+ high quality samples, Lush Future Bass Vol. 2 is all about the main elements needed to create an uplifting future bass record. The chords and synths are catchy and full, while the pack also contains a variety of crispy snares and punchy kicks perfect for any electronic banger. The vocal chops are perfect to use in new melodies, while the bass hits work to support the main elements of your projects.

With a multitude of various one shots and loops, this pack is intended to help speed up your workflow, while giving you space to stay creative and produce outside of the box.

Start producing at the level of producers like: San Holo, MYRNE, Jai Wolf, Odezsa, and Griffyn with this top notch sample pack!

Oh yah, did we mention all these rich samples are recorded it 24Bits/48Khz, royalty free, ready to use, effect, and enjoy!

Posted 8 months ago
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Samples (151)

Drums 62 Synths 44 Leads 22 Bass 21 Snares 21 Vocals 15 Vocal Chops 14 Kicks 12 Percussion 10 FX 9 Cymbals 7 Hi Hats 7 808's 6 Arpeggios 5 Basslines 4 Drum Tops 4 Full Drums 4 Pots 4 Sweeps and Risers 4 Toms 4 Experimental 3 Shakers 3 Textures 3 Chords 2 Impacts 2 Pads 1 Plucks 1 Bells 1

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