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King's Lynn, United Kingdom


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Been a Music Creator/Remixer for around 6 years now. My style is individual, electronic, experimental and sometimes off-the-wall.

I try to make music that hasn't happened yet for a target market that doesn't exist.

(completed my first album named 'Digital Natural Audio' DNA)

Check out my Soundcloud link or my 3 showcase remixes to hear what i'm about


Composing, Drum Programming, Editing, Mixing, Remixing

Showcase tracks

This is a remix i've composed using originial stems from the track I.N.T.G.O for a remix competition. The entire track was re-arranged, mixed and mastered on Cubase by me. It has been changed from a House-style track to more of a trip-step feel.

A remix of Daft Punk's track "Doin' it Right" with a more dance and upbeat feel. Mostly done on Logic and Cubase, and mastered on Protools. Tried to keep it funkay, enjoy

This is a remix i have created of the track "To Young to Die" by the band "Jamiroquai" for a competition on the JK homepage. Created on Logic and Cubase, it's a more chilled but still funky take on the original track. Would be greatly appreciated if you take a listen, enjoy.