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Jay Hood Da B.B.C Bajan Braided Chappelle

Rosedale, United States

Speed Demon's Entertainment:Music Division

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Takes time to develop, takes time to master

Born & Lives in Queens and has roots tied to Barbados, this artist comes with a different, vintage sound in hip-hop claiming the term 'Old-school Flo-Chatter'. Started recording at 16, stayed away from the scene doing core family movements from 2001-2009. Then I reaffirmed and established my style in 2010 recording as the New OLD SCHOOL, Old Soul/Pop, Trance, Hip-Hop/Porn Groove INDIE Artist. In Queens, Raised up Bajan, this dude presents a 'what's on your mind?' glow that rocks with raunchiness. Always working on a new song, He presents us with a MIX of past, present and future Hip-Hop/RAW Rap that tells a story or incite on where to be or go and not to. 100% songwriter.. Endeavors into the uncanny, unsafe and unknown with a streak of ole soul like Sam Cooke or Joe Tex. Shades of this style or sound in rap/hip-hop was more prevalent in the early 90's and he has brought back that old soul truth-be-told rap in the 21st century. History repeats itself at times so The Future is now and forever for my NYC 90's Flochat! Link me @Da_BBCofQU on Twitter, INSTAGRAM me DaB_B_C .. I love Making joints for the fans! I push the dynamics of hip-hop range to the un-chartered zone and I am #What_it_is!? that's happening. Has appeared on Tour & SummerJam Stages, he has been on stage with other major acts opening or appearing with Candis@SheisHipHop, F2DAR, Crown Royal, Cowboy, Andrew Morel, Has done shows/appearances with/for Lil' Scrappy, BONECRUSHER, B.H.M.E, Harlem(Female rap artist), 2Flyy Records National Hip-Hop Conference Tour, OBLIVION, Crown Royyal, Top Mics Tour, Lollipop Girls Tour, The Unsigned Tour, H-Man Coker, Pastor Troy, etc. and entered into many events such as the IMA's.... Stay aboard on my venture!! (THE VIEWS THAT THIS SITE PORTRAYS, VIEW OPENLY AND DO NOT TRY THESE STUNTS.YOU ARE AT YOUR OWN RISK)

Showcase tracks

Parental Advisory on this one!! I audio engineered and performed the lyrics. I also wrote the lyrics. Off of my first LP Fire & Brimstone. Bass Rap/twerk track.

Wrote lyrics and performed them. Anthem-type track.

Off of my first EP Benny Frankz also appeared on my first LP Fire & Brimstone. My introduction into the game with this vintage, timeless, classic in hip-hop.