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Well, with this remix I really enjoyed taking the vocal loops, and re-chopping them, it was actually one of my favourite parts, I sliced up the Stems and sort of rearranged them, as well as added a few of my own sounds. I really, really like the original, for some reason it reminded me of Down the Road by C2C, but this one with more funk, and groove to it. I think that my remix is a pretty chill, toned down version of the original, I don't know how good it is, but regardless if I win anything or not, I know I really enjoyed making it!!! Thank you to anyone who listens and likes it! Feedback welcome and appreciated!

Posted 4 years ago
Owned by Westwood Recordings


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D3XTROID 4 years ago

Great remix , liked it . please check mine too ! https://skiomusic.com/shantanu-ghare/the-funk-hunters-chali-2na-word-to-spread-feat-tom-thum-shantanu-ghare-remix

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N/A 4 years ago

Dem 808s tho


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