Music producer & DJ. 19 years old.


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All rights reserved @zfx-bassmusic --FRANCE & MEXICO COLLAB-- A new installment, are ready for this chaos approaching with a new path & the collaboration of ZFX we present Cosmo Iox & ZFX - Blast Drop

Of the temple emerged, invoke and now will have to endure the wrath of its destruction, this is a new age, where the world is doomed Only you can save. (COSMO IOX) presents .... 10.-Cosmo IOX - God of weekends.

All rights reserved. since ancient times, is spoken, it is said that from the oceans of the cosmos came a creature that would end all, this bloodthirsty and has to eat. 11. Cosmo IOX - Cosmic Kraken

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Music producer & DJ. 19 years old.