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About this Song

We were really blown away of this beautiful "earworm"-vocal of Cub Sport's "Summer Lover".

To make sure this song fits into our live-performance-style we wanted to make it a little bit more "danceable" for the crowd.

We think our remix is a good mixture - with dreamy moments, nice kicks, wobbly basslines and crispy leads.

Now you can sing it loud on the dancefloor while dancing all night long...


NOTE: We've also created a radio-version of our remix. But we can only submit ONE file, so we decided to upload our remix in full length for you. :)

Posted 10 months ago
Owned by Cub Sport


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Lawrns 10 months ago

I got a Tropical remix if you want to give it a try , have a nice day man : https://skiomusic.com/laurik/cub-sport-summer-lover-laurik-remix .

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Grey Salmon 10 months ago

Cub Sport - Summer Lover ( Aive Remix )

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Lou182 10 months ago

Awesome tune, love your style! Full of hope it will released so i can steam it on Spotify. Greets from Germany ❤️


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