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Just experimenting - this was part of a songwriter challenge. Not my normal style, but it seemed a fitting genre for the lyrics.

Verse 1
Why can't I embrace
the endless grace
giving me the space
to run the race?

But instead I face
the pointless chase
to fill that place
with my disgrace

And now just case
I can't erase
Try to outpace
What I should replace

I fall again
Caught by your grace
Stand up again
And seek your face

Pre Chorus
And that is why
I can testify
I testify
Of His power
Of his might
He’s the tower
He’ll win the fight

Verse 2
Now when I think it through:
Not trusting You -
Says that ‘I can move
A mountain too…

Face the pain that He knew?
Make sky turn blue?
Raise the One they slew
For a rendesvous?’

I know that I can’t do
My own rescue
Need a clear breakthrough
To trust anew

I’ve sought the lies
Help me seek what’s true
I’m done with lies
You’re what I’ll pursue

Posted 1 year ago
Owned by Corbin Rose



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