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––What's up SKIO FAM--

This Original song contest is all about anything Trance Music, whether it's an instrumental or a track with vocals SKIO wants to hear.

Submit your track by December 6th for the opportunity to be heard by our very own A&R Team.

First place prize includes a 1 on 1 mentor call with a SKIO A&R, eligibility to monetize their music as a content partner, a 1-year SKIO Pro Subscription and more! You also have the chance to win iZotopes Element Suite Plugin Bundle, Placement on SKIO Spotify Playlist, Song Feedback Reports, a 1 year SKIO Pro Subscription, and more!

We are giving away a free Trance sample pack to help you get your song started. Click here to claim our free pack.

Can't wait to hear all of your submissions - Best of Luck SKIO fam!

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The order of entries is determined by the amount and speed of activity, such as likes, plays and comments. This list will not determine the winner of the contest, since all entries are listened to and ranked based on quality, and winners are picked by the judges and SKIO A&R’s.


Nov 6 - Dec 5


Dec 6 - Dec 13

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Dec 14