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As part of our massive Joss Stone contest "The Answer" is one of 8 different songs that are on SKIO to remix.

Heads up, you might notice theres only a few stems for this song. Joss and her team are challenging you to get creative and take this in a new direction. After you've uploaded your remix back on SKIO, you are free to share on: Soundcloud, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. (downloads disabled please)

In this track, Joss’ power vocals are joined by a soulful uplifting choir to take us to a higher power. The exotic rhythm percussion makes it impossible to sit still. She nails genres that span the world from Calypso to African Pop then jumps to some Latin flavor. We are also fortunate enough to have the virtuoso fiddle stem to play with in our creations.

A singer-songwriter from Devon, UK Joss has been captivated by soul music since she was a little girl. As she moved through her early teens she intuitively honed her now trademark gravely-but-lustrous vocals by singing along to Aretha Franklin’s Greatest Hits. She began pursuing a singing career at thirteen, securing a record deal at 15, and recording her star-making Critically acclaimed debut album, The Soul Sessions, which was released in 2003. Grammy and Brit award winning Stone has since released 7 studio albums as she has continued in her journey of musical exploration.

For a chance to win an official release with Stone’d Records, $500 cash prize, Slate Digital's "Everything" Bundle, a LANDR Pro account and more, submit your remix by January 8, 2019

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