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What’s up SKIO Community, we’re stoked to announce our first Original Cinematic Instrumental Contest!

DISCLAIMER: *For this specific contest, we’re looking for ORIGINAL Cinematic tracks with Vocals or without vocals.*

Most Cinematic tracks range from 80 - 120 bpm, and some suitable Sub Genres and Styles include: Downtempo, Orchestral or Soundtrack.

Some artists you can reference: Cyrus Reynolds, Alexandra Schultz, and Boundry Run!

Every single submission will be heard by our team of A&R’s, so give it your all because the grand prize winner will be selected by our guest judge, Cyrus Reynolds.

*Submissions without any vocals will not be scored lower than those that do. Be sure your submission is originally created by you, and is not a remixed version of an existing track! Please refrain from using any beats or instrumentals that may be subject to copyright material, user’s who are found violating any terms of copyright infringement will have their content removed from SKIO and will be flagged in future submissions.*

Make sure to submit your original Cinematic Record in by Oct. 31st, for your chance to win some dope prizes! The grand prize winner has a chance to make moves for their career, winning a 1-on-1 mentor call with Cyrus Reynolds, and receive $150 dollars to spend on studio time, hiring vocalists, mix engineers, or your recording project. First prize also includes a LANDR Pro account and more!

Show some <3 for our contest sponsors:

Stand out amongst the crowd. LANDR is offering 2 free WAVs ($20 regular value) to give your track the professional sound it deserves. Signup for a LANDR account here to get started.

Our guest judge, Cyrus Reynolds , Los Angeles-based Artist and Producer Cyrus Reynolds leans heavily towards the cinematic and dramatic. A classically trained composer (Royal Academy of Music) turned electronic sound designer (Chance the Rapper, Kanye, Justin Timberlake), he draws his own sound from familiar textures and twists them into new sonic landscapes, finally holding them together by threads of interwoven narratives and personal lyrics. Follow @cyrus_reynolds Follow on Instagram and Twitter to keep in touch with the man.


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The order of entries is determined by the amount and speed of activity, such as likes, plays and comments. This list will not determine the winner of the contest, since all entries are listened to and ranked based on quality, and winners are picked by the judges and SKIO A&R’s.


Oct 3 - Oct 30


Oct 31 - Dec 21

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Dec 22