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Calling All Creators!

We’ve got a sweet contest that’s sure inspire you on so many levels! We’ve teamed up with up-and-coming pop-artist, NIve to get you the stems to his passionate single, “Liberated”! Packed with captivating vocals, fun guitar riffs, and energetic percussion, we’re eager to hear your version of this amazing track!

In case you haven’t heard, NIve is a rising artist based in Los Angeles, accumulating more than a million streams on Spotify. He’s originally from Seoul, South Korea and the Gold Coast of Australia which has contributed a major influence in his global sound and craft. NIve is a breakthrough global pop-artist to definitely look out for in this new international age of music, writing and recording music for both a U.S. and a forthcoming Korean release.

While there is no release guaranteed… if NIve and the A&R’s at 153 Entertainment Group like your remix, it could be made official.

Remixes may be shared on YouTube, Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter from August 16, 2019 to November 14, 2019 for non-commercial purposes only, meaning you may not be compensated in any way, directly or indirectly, for making available or publicizing the Remix. All Remixes must be removed from the platforms they have been uploaded to by November 15, 2019.

No excuses! You have more than enough time to get creative with your remix, as the deadline to submit your remix is September 27th! Some of the sick contest prizes include: MUST HAVE music plugins from Slate Digital’s “Everything Bundle”, music scholarships to refine and enhance your production skills from Producer Dojo by ill.Gates, a LANDR Pro Account to help you master and release your music, and more!

We love that our SKIO community is made of members worldwide, and we’re eager to hear your sound! Make sure to give this contest your best shot, as we really want to hear what you’ve got!

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Aug 16 - Sep 27


Sep 28 - Oct 17

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