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What’s up SKIO fam!

We're teaming up with our friends WHATEVER WE ARE, for an opportunity to remix their single, “DRUNKS & ADDICTS”!

The last time we ran a contest together the turnout was too good, so we had to do another one!

This time they want to hear energetic & creative remixes, and also want to release one officially! The track is definitely a vibe, filled with luscious guitar riffs, while layered with heartfelt vocals and lyrics that are perfect for you to remix!

*NOTE* This contest is hosted by WHATEVER WE ARE. Submissions will not be ranked or scored by SKIO A&R’s and there are ONLY 500 submission slots open. Remixes will be listened to and judged completely by WHATEVER WE ARE and their team.

If you haven’t heard of WHATEVER WE ARE, they blur the boundaries of genre as it melds four distinct voices into a singular whole. They are an emerging name in music but have been revered as up and coming artists due to their distinct blend of vocalists, genre styles, and music backgrounds.

Remixes may ONLY be shared on SKIO Music, YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Best of luck in the studio!


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