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How’s it going everyone! Were back with another Original Acoustic Song Contest!

For this contest we will be listening for producers who can make awesome Acoustic Music with Vocals. We want to hear soothing acoustic guitar riffs, mellow piano chords, or any other appropriate instruments layered perfectly with some beautiful vocals!

Some artists you can get some inspiration from are: Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz, Shawn Mendez, Tom Misch, and Adele.

The SKIO A&R’s are super eager to hear what you got! Every single submission will be heard by our team of A&R’s, so give it your all because the grand prize winner will be selected by our guest judge, Jenna Andrews!

In case you haven’t heard of her, Jenna Andrews is an amazing songwriter and vocalist! Her career is nothing short of impressive, as she’s worked alongside renowned artists such as Drake, Cash Cash, Matoma, Banks, and many more!

*Be sure your submission is originally created by you, and is not a remixed version of an existing track! Please refrain from using any beats or instrumentals that may be subject to copyright material, user’s who are found violating any terms of copyright infringement will have their content removed from SKIO and will be flagged in future submissions.*

Make sure to submit your original Acoustic by Nov. 14th, for your chance to win some dope prizes! The grand prize winner will have the chance to accelerate their career, winning a 1-on-1 mentor call with Jenna Andrews, and will also get $300 towards their next recording project to spend on studio time or hiring vocalists and engineers. First prize also includes a LANDR Pro account and more!

Show some <3 for our contest sponsors:

Stand out amongst the crowd. LANDR is offering 2 free WAVs ($20 regular value) to give your track the professional sound it deserves. Signup for a LANDR account here to get started.

Our guest judge, Jenna Andrews, is a well established singer and songwriter. She’s worked with numerous world-renowned artists such as Drake, Matoma, Cash Cash, Banks and many more! Follow @thejennaandrews on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with the amazing things she’s doing!


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Oct 17 - Nov 13


Nov 14 - Dec 6

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