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The story behind PULSE… it all started back in 2012. I didn’t start producing in 2012, I actually began producing at the age of 14 on FL Studio back in 2003. I was just messing around no biggie. I started DJing earlier that year I was in 9th grade. I remember very clearly we went around the room and the teacher asked us what we wanted for Christmas. I said I wanted some vinyl turntables and FL Studio. All my peers laughed at me pretty much, said you’ll go no where… electronic music sucks. I got into Trance in the early 2000s. I remember A State Of Trance with Armin van Buuren way before episode 50. It was so new he actually chatted with us every week on mIRC chat room. So I got some turntables and a few vinyl records from (no longer in service) and learned how to DJ. I didn’t pick up production until 2004 when I really got into how it worked and how to do things etc. Never used youtube, never used tutorials. Just used my ears and figured out how this did that. I quickly switched to Ableton Live version 5. I heard it was the elite software for production. It was so new that it didn’t even support WAV files yet. I did mainly remixes… sadly I don’t have any of them that I did from the early years. Computer crashes and hard drive failures etc. I started my site in 2004 then it was I went by DJ Coleman until 2008-2009 or so when I found out there was another DJ Coleman in New York. Who was the first one, don’t know… don’t care. I did lots of mixes, and specials. At one point my website from 2007-2009 was getting almost a TB of downloads a month from 45 different countries all my music before 2012 was Trance nothing else. I was still producing just figuring out how it all worked and didn’t release anything except lots of mashups some became pretty big hits from the producers / DJs. In 2009 I stopped everything… one day I just was like I’m over it, it’s not fun anymore. I eventually signed up for the US Military and was quiet until 2012. For Christmas in 2011 after I got back from deployment I bought myself an entire studio of hardware, software, and samples / loops. Thats where it all started again… I created Theme 2012 the first actual release from me in just 4 hours. I started figuring things out more, exploring more… I moved away from Trance and just did whatever. I was released from the military in 2013. I built up a huge stack of cash i’d say for many years. I had no bills pretty much, and no car until the end of my term. That’s when PULSE began… for almost three years I didn’t work and all I did for almost 12 hours almost EVERY DAY I produced music. I produced A SH*T TON of music. There is many many many projects / tracks that I just don’t have anymore. I suffered a hard drive failure in 2014 that took away probably 15 projects / tracks. I didn’t really RELEASE a lot of music to the public. I was mainly a ghost producer, and a project starter for many artists. I’m not 100% NORMAL… I have a very very very creative mind. I have the ability to take sounds and put them together into music. Most of the tracks on PULSE are actually just projects that I never finished or they were just fun projects with no intention of ever being released. 90% of the tracks on PULSE are not mastered really. I decided a long time ago to really not sign with any major label instead I took the Independent Artist route to my actual releases. I released a few tracks as Coleman Hamilton and my Eloi project. I have many projects under different aliases that will never be told one is Hardstyle. I’m not just a DJ / Producer I actually in the past have been a Light Director, Video Jockey. In late 2013 I was trained by V-Squared on how to use their system and software. From 2014 to late 2015 I was the lead for major EDM shows at Label Charlotte (now closed and known as WORLD). I’ve played with so many artists / EDM Top 100 DJs I couldn’t list. True story I did lights / sound for Dotcom before he became a super star as we know him today. He drew a crowd of less than 200 people and about half were gone before the end of his set. It’s amazing what happens when you let go of a project and start something no one really has ever done. I became close with NGHTMRE when he came to town as he’s from North Carolina. We’re still in touch today, and I’ve remixed some of his work. I’ve been in the nightclub scene since 2007 when I was just 17 and got close quickly to the promoters and club owners from around Charlotte. I decided to end my nightclub scene work in late 2015. I was burned out, also I suffered severe hearing loss in the military (if you hear things that are kinda off on the right side in my tracks… now you know). I released a few Progressive House / Electro House tracks that became Top 5 releases on Beatport. My tracks have been played by many elite artists including Tiesto at festivals. If you’re an Independent artist… it’s possible to reach the top. Most of my work from 2012-2017 was generic EDM. I decided in late 2017 after I got in touch with Afterhours.FM that I wanted to go back to Trance and start a series with them called ALIVE and release just Trance tracks from here on out. I wasn’t happy ghost producing and creating EDM music. My love and passion is actually with Trance music. My projects (I won’t call them tracks) have been used by some elite DJs mainly from 2013-2015. I helped them create the BASELINE of the track and they finished it. Writing an Electronic Dance Music track is pretty simple… just know how it works and GO. I use a different style technique when I make my tracks… here is the secret from me. I start with the breakdown of the track. I use MIDI files that I buy because the melody takes the longest. I create my breakdown and how I want it to sound, then I add the drop, then the intro and ending. I don’t actually create the melody until the track is done. This is how I really NEVER got writers block. You can always change the melody of the song at any time. Don’t focus on that… focus on the song FRAME. It’s OKAY to use Loops in your tracks… almost 99% of all artists that make it big do. I’m not a MELODY type of guy… I’m the person that takes like I said many sounds and puts them together. A average EDM track for me from start to finish is about 4 hours for the FRAME. Then it can be anywhere from 2-6 hours more for the polish. I ghosted by actually not making the melody used MIDI files… they have to do that. I don’t believe in making EVERYTHING for someone then they calling it their own… not gonna happen. It’s true… I learned how to play the piano when I was 7 years old, but I can’t play now. I listen to sounds of keys and put them together based on if it sounds good or now. Some of my tracks are probably not very good music theory wise. PULSE is just 80% of all my projects I did over those years. Most of these are not really SONGS. However, I made ALL OF THEM. I created with my ears EVERY TRACK on PULSE. I stopped ghosting in 2015 after the EDM scene was just overly flooded with fakes. Electronic music has some revamping to do… people need to learn CREATION over Templates and creating sounds of other artists. If you hear my tracks you’ll see I really never use the same samples and loops twice. The drums of the tracks are different. I had a generic layout of my EDM tracks that I used a lot. I’ve never used a Template for my tracks. Just start with that nice breakdown of the melody and go… Also if you notice I don’t release music with words. From a VERY early age I started listening to the instrumentals in songs vs words and actually I probably couldn’t sing a whole song from start to finish with words from anything. I have a few tracks with words that I actually used from Royalty Free singers. I’m not the lyrical kinda guy. I tell my music with the melodies and sounds. Like I said I’m not 100% normal… its been that way since around 16. The IQ test says I’m a visual genius so we all know making music you have to SEE it too. It’s a lot of PATTERNS. These projects I’ve released on PULSE are some failed projects that I ghosted for or just some I just kept and did nothing with. If you listen carefully almost EVERY track is not finished… there are things missing or there are things that just don’t sound right? I’m sorry for the horrible mastering that just never happened to them… I’m happy that I finally decided to just release them… what good was it doing just sitting in my drives and many dropboxes? I’m thankful for the years I worked with with my music distribution and the two labels I started CLH Recordings and ?know Records. I got to know the owner very well and I’m still great friends with him he’s helped me out very very greatly. I moved on to a partnership with Ditto Music this year. I have ended my labels that I had in the past and started up Wonders. I came up with this name because my music is just that… Wonders. I have no SET SOUND. You will probably never see me tour or play at festivals etc. If you do get to see me for a set, I can assure you it will be wild because I never play out. I’m working on a set right now for a private event here in early 2018. I really don’t DJ much anymore… it became EXTREMELY boring because it was just too easy. Now I challenge myself by making Trance music again, and trying to do something different each time. I want to make Trance that was like the early 2000s era and maybe some warehouse style stuff from the late 90s. Get ready for a new journey… Thanks for the awesome support over the years. If you’re disappointed that I ghosted for a few years… well… I just made too many projects and I had to get rid of them. If you’re a new Electronic artist and interested in releasing music shoot me an email… I can help. Wonders……..


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