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Avezzano, Italy

D-Fused Records, Let's Go Dancing Records

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An eclectic dj, music producer, sound designer and good sound lover

Marco Clori (aka Mr. Pitch) was born in Bari back in '83 when the electronic music still wasn't so expanded in technology like present day, when the dear Akai S1000 and the Korg M1 was used yet .
Electronic music passion was born unconsciously because he was "forced" to listen to his brother music (artists like The Cure, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, The Kraftwerk) so during the years, it became part of his life.
In the while Marco start to study self-taught drums and keyboard and start approach to the DJing's world, first attending discos like spectator until his appearances in console for many clubs like Mudu, the Just , Guild, etc.
The amazing sound of his DJ-set and his music is caracterized by continuous research, study and transformation of sounds, just to transmit everybody who listen to his music, lot of fun and emotions!

Showcase tracks

A 4/4 slow motion track with the add of some texture and processed sounds, enjoy!