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bitches they be snitching my trigger finger itching bitches they be snitching
help you find that religion These feelings I'm feeling They be be killing me softly
Ms. Jiggy Ms. Piggy Pinky mink pinky ring blingin Get-get sick spit clip spit quick split
shit hit kids women I’m just twisted non-fictitious on this wicked shit spit it big quick
I'm back on my sixty six six shit I'm Not Preaching bullshit
Just Speaking My Mind Put it together double it twice this shit is my life

Verses I spit em when it's my turn to get em I got hot flows in this ritual of rhymes
walkin on hot coals I put a tag on ur toe now call you John Doe I'm here I found a loophole
I can track you search for fools gold Puttin a bullet in mutherfuckers give me a reason
I've got ninety-nine problems but a snitch ain't one You got bitches? think you wishes
cuz i'm seeing snitches Watch them hoes all you bitches out there beware
these lyin ass scandalous bitches they be snitching Got my trigger finger itching

Cypher is to die for haters can cry a little more People ask me what Lyrical Law
Is in original form Verbal onslaught bring forth physical force Lyrical Law is tribunal
communal court A lyrical landslide, my status is strong form Can you Wright these rhymes
that dont conform Behind enemy rhymes when the curriculum storm I put these poems
all in these songs Manifesting universal mind into the lore Corvette green
Mercedes steady one hundred four

Posted 4 months ago
Owned by Clinton Tolbert



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