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My Remix of "Don't Give Up". It begins with a heartbeat... on a respirator. I also added a few backing instruments... Bolivian Flute, Piano, Rhodes, and Pianino... But low... Just to fill in bit. And some swirly delay stuff. Perhaps this mix is cursed. I had time interruptions, sinusitis, monitoring problems and finally a power outage just as I was about to upload this mix. But it's finally here! Since the sinuses affect my hearing I just hope it sounds OK. But enough whining right? I'm honored to have had the chance to remix this. What a lineup of amazing talent! Good luck to all of the contestants! Peace. Carl Garthwaite PS... Cursed? It took three times to upload it... That has never happened to me uploading anything to SKIO... WTF????? OK... Finally done. Peace.

Posted 6 months ago
Owned by Sam I



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